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Deactivation of the transfer feature

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    What will happen to the assets on my account after the transition period?

    The assets on a user account are not affected by the deactivation of the transfer feature. They remain on your account.

    What can I do with my assets?

    Until the end of November, you can transfer your points to other members. After the second transition period has expired (15/12/2014), you can use all available assets for the traffic and mail exchange. The points that you have earned by yourself, through your referrals or through other people who have used your surflink, are and will remain eligible for a payout. In the members area, please click on 'Points' and 'Payout' if you wish to request a payout.

    What will happen with my interface account (ST-account) after the transition period?

    Interface accounts which have been created through http://st.ebesucher.de will be deactivated after the first transition period has ended (30/11/2014) and can then no longer be used. Furthermore, using the eBesucher interface through third party websites will then no longer be possible. Therefore, please make sure that you transfer your assets on a normal eBesucher-account before the 1st of December.


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