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    The safe can be useful if you have a large amount of points and do not want to consume them all at once. You can place any amount of points in the safe and get them back out whenever you want. Any advertising campaign, points transfer or payout will only be possible if you have the necessary amount of points available in your balance.

    Exchange Points

    If you have enough mail points (MTP) and you want to start advertising in the traffic exchange, you can exchange the MTP into visitor points (BTP) in the Exchange points site from the Manage advertising site in the members area. However, please keep in mind that the current exchange rates are slightly inappropriate. Trading points on our message board or on an external exchange point usually gets you a better deal. The internal exchange rates determine the range within actual rates on the market.

    Exchange points.png


    You can refer new members to eBesucher by sending them your referral link and thus establish your personal referral downline. Once your referral has signed up through your referral link, we pay you an 8% lifetime commission on any earning that your referral will gegenrate! In addition to that, we pay you 5% on any earning that any potential referral of your referral (2nd level referral) will generate. Building up your personal downline can thus be very lucrative and considerably increase your earnings.

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