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    General Infos

    The eBesucher Bidding provides the option to specify the maximum amount that an advertiser is willing to pay for an impression in the surfbar. This amount is considered as a bid, which directly competes with the bids of the other advertisers. The highest bid outweighs all the other bids and leads to situation that the website with the highest priority will be immediately displayed in the surfbar. So the following applies: The higher the bid, the more users will be able to see your advertising campaign. 


    How it works

    For each impression of a website, eBesucher determines the next website that will be displayed through an internal auction:

    1. The available websites are selected according to the applied filters of the advertisers.
    2. The website with the highest bid is chosen. The costs for an impression are determined through the bid of the second bidder, it exceeds it automatically by 0,01 BTP, the bid increment. This bidding system is based on the so-called Vickrey auction.
      The costs for an impression are thus calculated as follows: ((0,01 + maximum bid of the second bidder) * time of visit / 15) + optional costs for effects and suspension.
    3. The website is displayed to the surfbar-user.


    Starting with four available websites (size of the bid offer without effects and suspension)

    • Website1: Time of visit = 30s ... bid = 1,8 BTP every 15s
    • Website2: Time of visit = 45s ... bid = 1,4 BTP every 15s
    • Website3: Time of visit = 15s ... bid = 1,2 BTP every 15s
    • Website4: Time of visit = 60s ... bid = 1,1 BTP every 15s

    Thus, website1 will be displayed.

    The costs for an impression are thus ((0,01 + 1,4) * 45/15 = 1,41 * 3 = 4,23 BTP.

    Important: The advertiser of website1 does not pay the full amount of 1,8 BTP every 15s. Instead, he pays only 1,41 BTP every 15s.

    How to proceed

    The bid for an impression can be defined for each website. The corresponding option can be found during the process of adding a new website to the exchange. However, it goes without saying that a bid can be modified retrospectively.

    In order to modify a bid for a website that has already been added to the exchange, please proceed by entering the members area, then click on Manage Pages > Edit edit.png Costs & Consumption. Here, scroll down and modify the bid in the respective menu and click on Save! to proceed.


    Infos for Advertisers

    The dynamic advertising costs allow advertisers to place their ads in countries that have a low sponsor density. 

    Furthermore, advertisers now have a direct influence on the priority of their advertising campaigns. The higher the bid, the more impressions he will receive and the more different visitors will be able to see the campaign. 

    Number of available visitors depends on different factors

    Each bid is bound to both the properties of the advertising campaign and the individual surfbar settings of the surfbar-user. Thus, on the one hand, it is relevant whether the advertised website plays sound, contains adult content or popups and on the other, whether the potential visitor wishes to have those properties displayed in the surfbar. In addition to that, it remains to be said that the Geo-Targeting settings are particularly important.

    Example A: An advertiser who submits the highest bid for visitors from a distinct country which only provides few surfbar-users, will receive only a few visitors, regardless of the amount of the bid.

    Example BAn advertiser who submits the highest bid for a visitor from one or more countries which provide many surfbar-users, is likely to receive many visitors, even if his website contains additional features such as sound, flash or popups.

    Highest Bid

    The highest bid stands for the greatest number of points that a competing advertiser chooses to spend for an impression. The highest bid is determined according to the country in which the advertiser is promoting his advertising campaign.

    Optimal Bid

    The optimal bid exceeds the highest bid by 0,01 BTP. Surpassing the highest bid allows an advertiser to receive the maximum number of impressions and a maximum coverage.

    Won / Lost Auctions

    Each advertising campaign comes with a statistic that displays the auctions that have been won (green) and lost (red). In order to win as many auctions as possible and to thus to receive the greatest possible number of impressions, the bid should not be set too low.


    Infos for Surfbar-Users

    A general rule: the larger the pool of available websites, the higher the earnings. The eBesucher Bidding has therefore a decisive advantage for each surfbar-user: By optimizing the surfbar as well as the system settings, it is possible to have an even greater influence on the number of points that can be earned. 

    Relevant factors which have an influence on the number of points that can be earned:

    80% of the costs for an impression will be passed on to the surfbar-user!

    Example: The highest bid for the impression of a website (including all costs) is 2,75 BTP, the surfbar-user will then get 2,2 BTP. Reminder: eBesucher uses the remaining points (0,55 BTP) to refinance the referral systems and to cover the costs for our servers.


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