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    General Information

    eBesucher.com offers two main functions for the promotion of your web project. The eBesucher Traffic Exchange surfbar allows to display the websites of our members automatically, which makes it possible to reach a great number of visitors within a very short time. The eBesucher Mail Exchange on the other hand enables you to send your own email to the other members. Unlike in the case with the Traffic Exchange, the email has to be opened manually and read via the personal email box or within the eBesucher members area.


    Traffic Exchange

    In the concept of the Traffic Exchange the principle of giving and taking is extraordinary important. This means, that your own contribution can be exchanged for the contributions of other members. In this case it is about website visitors and hence the impression of pages in the surfbar, a tool which has been specifically developed for this purpose. In short: you visit the websites of other users and in return, you can promote your own project the users or redeem your efforts and turn them into money.

    traffic exchange.png

    The eBesucher Traffic Exchange allows you to earn points (BTP) for surfing with our surfbar. The surfbar is a personalized link which looks like this http://www.ebesucher.com/surfbar/YOURUSERNAME, all you have to do is to open the link and have websites displayed in your browser. The pages that are loaded in the surfbar are advertising campaigns from other members or from our sponsors. Every now and then, the surfbar will reload its content and a new site will be displayed automatically.

    eBesucher is thus acting as a mediator between the one who advertises and those who are watching the ads. We provide the platform, the technical know-how as well as the software (see 2.3. Restarter Software) for the exchange. 



    Running the surfbar

    Your personal surfbar-link can be found in the members area by clicking on Start & Infos. You get eBesucher points for visiting a website. Having your own website displayed in the surfbar costs points in return. Every new member gets a bonus of 100 BTP for signing up, so you can basically start right away. Detailed statistics of your earnings and expenses can be found in the members area by clicking on Visitors and Statistics. You can multiply your earnings by activating the turbo-mode - please click on Visitors > Settings in order to set the parameters for the surfbar.

    IMPORTANT: Do not forget to take a look at our optimization options.


    Running the surfbar through our Add-on for Mozilla Firefox

    When you use our Add-on for Mozilla Firefox instead of any other browser, the pool of sites that you will be able to see in your surfbar will increase and therefore you will earn many more points. The reason for it is quite easy: the Add-on lets the impressions of sites which contain a framebreaker, while on the other hand the standard running of the surfbar does not allow this.

    Please bear in mind that you can find this Add-on under your Members area > Visitors > Surfbar > Firefox Add-on, or here

    Add-on  ENG.png


    Running the surfbar through the Dashboard

    If you wish to discard the possibility of running your surfbar through Mozilla Firefox and/or the usage of our Add-on, (remember that it is only compatible with this browser and you might want to use another one), you can also watch sites with framebreakers. To achieve this, just open your surfbar through the Dashboard after having logged into your personal account.

    IMPORTANT: During the navigation, please do not close the tab with the Dashboard. Otherwise this feature will not work.



    Adding a page

    In order to advertise your project on our platform, it has to be registered in our database. To do so, please click on Visitors > Manage Pages > Add New Page - go through the following form and make sure your site is in accordance with our rules. Please read the rules carefully in order to avoid rule violations. Then, fill out the following form by entering the name of the website and the URL and press the button Next:


    Screenshot Add new page.png


    Please go through the following instructions until you reach step 4, where you will be asked to determine how often your website should be displayed. A website has to be displayed for at least 15 seconds, it is however recommended to set 30 seconds or more. Here, you can also determine the hourly consumption rate. We strongly recommend you to limit the amount of impressions of your website to a specific value, as you can easily get 100.000 visitors or more each day if you do not apply any restrictions.




    In addition to that, you can also apply the Geo-Targeting feature, a tool that allows you to determine the geographical origin of your visitors. Choose a region. 


    Screenshot Länderauswahl englisch.png

    Besides some standard values (English speaking countries, North America), you can determine a specific country of origin or several countries by selecting or deselecting the corresponding checkboxes:


    Screenshot englisch Länderauswahl.png

    Your site now has to be manually checked by our staff. Please click on Visitors > Manage pages to see whether your site has already been processed. By the way: You can apply further customizations to your site, by clicking on the name of your site and the 'Edit' -button. To be mentioned here in particular: the 'time-control' feature - a tool that allows you to randomize or schedule your impressions to a specific time. You can also, at any time, modify the consumption rate as well as any previously set customizations.




    A further important setting is the referrer setting  (HTTP_Referrers). This reveals how a user has reached the advertised page. The folowing settings allows you to determine the origin of a visitor: 



    Normal transmission of the referrer –> a visitor reaches the website directly via eBesucher.

    Override referrer with a neutral domain -> a visitor reaches the website via a neutral domain.

    Replace referrer with an empty string -> a visitor reaches the website via a direct entry in the address line of the browser. 

    Besides that, there are severals domains available as referrers. It should be noted that this setting is only available for our premium- and premium-plus members.


    Restarter SoftwareBereich bearbeiten

    The accurate and consistent utilization of the surfbar would require a browser that is immune against any kind of error messages or troublesome websites. Whereas the surfbar itself is of course working properly, some of the websites that are being promoted through our exchange, can be incompatible with your local settings and software. Unfortunately, none of the major internet browsers are working consistently and will crash sooner or later. Thus, we have developed a special software (the restarter) which will automatically restart the browser once it has crashed. The restarter makes it possible to run the surfbar without interruptions, a manual restart is not necessary.

    Using this software is optional and not mandatory - further information on that topic can be found by clicking on Visitors > Surfbar Restarter.


    After starting the program the restarter checks every minute whether the surfbar is still active. In case that the surfbar has been interrupted or that the browser has crashed, the restarter will try to reboot the browser and to re-open the surfbar. The browser will be hard-termined (all possible program queries will be ignored before termination). Thus, an interruption caused by possible error queries will be prevented and a consistent surf process will be guaranteed. 


    Restarter.pngSystem Requirements

     - Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7, MacOSX, Linux or Solaris
     - 1 MB memory on the hard disc
     - Java 6 update 29

    Using the Restarter Together With the Firefox Add-on

    The eBesucher Add-on is compatible with the eBesucher Restarter. It is important that the eBesucher Add-on is installed and that you have specified that you are using the Firefox Browser, see: Settings > Browser. In case that the add-on has terminated, the restarter will reboot it automatically. 

    Use With Surflinks

    It is also possible to use the restarter together with an individual surflink. For this, it is necessary to specify the entire name of the surflink in the eBesucher restarter. Reminder: 

    - User Name: Username
    - Surflink Name: Username.Example

    This then looks as follows:


    It is also important: In case you are using a surflink of a foreign account, for instance via the API, the account holder needs to announce you the restarter-access-code of his account.

    Mail ExchangeBereich bearbeiten

    Mail_Exchange.pngThe mail exchange allows you to promote you webiste/project via email. Every recipient has acknowledged to participate and can discontinue his membership at any time. As a member of eBesucher, you can receive marketing emails from other members within the area of interest you have chosen. You get between 0,8 and 4 MTP (Mail Points) for every mail you have read.

    In order to get your points, you have to open the mail (which is written in html) and make sure that the entire content is displayed (images, links..). Every earned point will be immediately credited to your account.

    The points that you earn this way can be directly reinvested into your own mail campaign! Sending out mails costs you at least 1 point, depending on the way you want other members to go through your mail - more infos on this can be found later on, see §3.3. Note that you get a bonus of 10 points for signing up on ebesucher, thus you can start sending your personalized mail template right away.


    Getting credited for your mails

    You can activate the Mail Exchange by clicking on Mails > Settings. The menu lets you also determine the amount of mails you want to receive, as well as your areas of interest. You can choose whether you want to have the mails sent to your personal mail account or to the mailbox that can only be reached through the eBesucher members area. Once you have processed the form, please click on the 'Send' -button. You are now actively participating in the mail exchange and awaiting your first exchange mail.



    Getting credited also depends on the type of mail that you are reading. There is a difference between so-called read- and clickmails. Have a look at the following chart:


    Type of Mail 

    Points earned


    0,8 Points

    Clickmail that requires you to remain on the site for 15 seconds.

    1,6 Points

    Clickmail that requires you to remain on the site for 30 seconds.

    2,4 Points

    Clickmail that requires you to remain on the site for 45 seconds.

    3,2 Points

    Clickmail that requires you to remain on the site for 60 seconds.



    A readmail is the most affordable way of sending emails within the eBesucher exchange. All you have to do is to open the mail and as soon as all data of the mail template has been loaded, a green field will appear at the bottom of the page and you will be rewarded.


    On the other hand, it is possible to advertise by sending out mails that do not only require to be opened. Here, a link or (a banner-ad) has to be clicked and the user has to remain on the site for a certain amount of time (between 15 and 60 seconds). 




    Once you have clicked the link, it will be opened in your internet browser. At the top of the page, a counter will display the amount of time that you have to remain on the site. As soon as you have spent the required amount of time, the credits will be added to your account. Please note: Do not close the site before the countdown has expired, else you will not be rewarded.


    If you have decided to read your exchange mails through your personal mail account, it depends on your mail program (Outlook, Thunderbird) on how the exchange mails will be processed. The most important requirement is, that your software or browser window loads all the images that are displayed in the mail. In addition, you should make sure that your system supports javascript. Many programs do load images automatically, some demand you to activate that function, while others ask you to click a button in order to display any kind of picture.

    Basically, there are two methods:

    1. Your program manages to open the mail and load the images.

    2. You open the mail and click on the link that is displayed at the bottom.

    New Mail Template

    Mails.pngYou need to create a mail template before you can advertise your own emails within the mail exchange. To do so, please go to Mails > Manage Mails > New Mail Template. An editor will open which allows you to customize your mail.

    At first, please choose a subject (a title) for your email. Please note that this info will appear in the subject line of your email. The 'language'- field lets you determine the language in which your email is written. Also, your email will only be sent to users who have decided to receive emails in the respective language. Next, please use the 'Category'- option to describe the nature of your email. Do also state whether your email has any erotic content.

    In the following, you can create your template by using the mail editor below. The opportunities of designing of your template are almost limitless. Further on you will find some information and explanations to the most important features.




    Adding Links

    The URL_einfuegen.png-Button allows you to add links to your mail template. It is important to include at least one link to your mail template, as the recipient has to be able to access your website. There are different ways of adding links to your template.

    Link_Info.png-     Example 1

    You want your link to appear as a link: Please click the  URL_einfuegen.png-Button and mention the web address in the 'URL'  box. Click on 'OK' and your link will be added to the template. 


    -     Example 2

    If you want to turn a word or even a sentence into a link, you have to select it first and then click the URL_einfuegen.png-Button. Again, just add the web address in the 'URL'  box. Click on 'OK' and your link will be added to the template.


    Uploading Images and linking to pictures

    A very important feature for creating your personal template is the Pic_Upload_Button.png–Button. It allows you to upload images (banner ads, advertising images). It is the only way of adding images to your template, as externally linked images can not be added. To upload images, please follow these steps:

    1.     Press the button and then click 'Upload'.

    2.     Choose the image from your hard disk in order to upload it on the eBesucher server.

    Of course, you can also add a link to your pictures. This is an important feature when adding banner ads to your template. Please click on the image and press the URL_einfuegen.png-Button. Add your link here, click 'OK' and you are done. When clicking the image, the recipient of your mail will be lead to the specified URL.


    Fortmatting the Text

    The textformatierung.png-button allows you to color up your template. You can define the color of your text, as well as the background color. Important aspects of the text can thus be highlighted, so that the reader will pay special attention when reading the mail.
    The following feature bold_editor.png is well known from common word processing programs. It allows you to format the text in 'bold' or 'italic', 'underline' or 'strikeout' form.

    The Text_Editor_zentrieren.png-button lets you center, align (left, right) or justify the text.

    Using the Format_Style.png features lets you fortmat your text. 'Stil' and 'Format' allows you to apply predefined settings. The 'Schriftart' option changes the font and of course, you can change the size of the font by clicking on 'Größe'.

    Advantages_Editor.pngIn order to format your text, using the Editor_Nummerierung.png-feature is useful. It is important to implement a clear and carefully thought-out illustration of your template, as it is of crucial importance for the success of your advertising campaign.


    Further options


    This feature allows you to address the recipient personally. When clicking the button, a graphic appears which is representative of the respective first and last name of the recipient. Once the mail is sent, our system will automatically add the real name of the addressee.


    Same function as above, only that a personal form of address will be used.


    Did you accidentaly delete your text or do you want to undo the last action? Just use the 'Undo' or 'Redo' feature.


    You can switch to fullscreen by clicking this button. It leaves you with more space and a better overview when editing your template.


    Undo any modifications you made regarding background color, font and font-size by highlighting the textarea and clicking the button.


    For advanced users: Switch to 'source code' and add/modify the HTML code.


    Once you have created your mail template, you can access it by clicking the preview.png -button. Clicking this button gives you the opportunity to see how the mail will be displayed to the recipients, so you should check it carefully. If your template appears fine, you are done and ready to go. Please save the template by clicking the save.png -button. Your template will now be processed by our staff.



    The safe can be useful if you have a large amount of points and do not want to consume them all at once. You can place any amount of points in the safe and get them back out whenever you want. Any advertising campaign, points transfer or payout will only be possible if you have the necessary amount of points available in your balance.

    Exchange Points

    If you have enough mail points (MTP) and you want to start advertising in the traffic exchange, you can exchange the MTP into visitor points (BTP) in the Exchange points site from the Manage advertising site in the members area. However, please keep in mind that the current exchange rates are slightly inappropriate. Trading points on our message board or on an external exchange point usually gets you a better deal. The internal exchange rates determine the range within actual rates on the market.

    Exchange points.png


    You can refer new members to eBesucher by sending them your referral link and thus establish your personal referral downline. Once your referral has signed up through your referral link, we pay you an 8% lifetime commission on any earning that your referral will gegenrate! In addition to that, we pay you 5% on any earning that any potential referral of your referral (2nd level referral) will generate. Building up your personal downline can thus be very lucrative and considerably increase your earnings.


    At eBesucher, you can turn your points into real money and request a payout on your bank or paypal account. If you decide to exchange your points into money, just click on 'Points' and 'Payout' in the members area. The following site will inform you about the current exchange rate, which defines the value of your points. The exchange rate is very stable and does not vary considerably within a short period of time. You are also told how many of your points are eligible for a payout. Please note that you can only get paid for points that you or your referrals have earned for yourself. You can not redeem a payout for any points that have been transferred onto your account.

    Payout.pngExample: The statistics on the left illustrate, that the user possesses 1.1 million traffic exchange points (BTP), but only 51.812 points are eligible for a payout. This is consistent, because the 51.812 points are self-earned assets. The member has not yet requested a payment in the past, else this would be displayed under 'already paid out' and deducted from the initial amount.

    There are 2 ways on how you can acquire your money. We can transfer it onto your paypal account (eBesucher will cover the fees) or we can transfer the amount onto your bank account within the European Union. A EU-transfer requires the BIC and IBAN coordinates, ask your bank if you are unaware of them.

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